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    CUHRRC Team Biography

    Joanne LindsayJoanne Lindsay, MES

    A women’s equality advocate, Joanne is a board member of the Ontario HIV Treatment Network (OHTN) and is on the Governance Committee for OHTN’s Cohort Study (OCS). She was recently appointed a Community Investigator with CANOC (Canadian HIV Observational Cohort) where she is pursuing research related to HIV and cancer through CANOC’s Cancer Working Group. Her community work includes advocating for women’s skills training, bridging and literacy programs, while managing various learning programs in Toronto. Incorporating a gender lens into labour market research and policy development led Joanne’s work with provincial and national women’s labour market reference groups. Prior to this, Joanne completed a research study tour on worker co-operatives in eastern and southern Africa (Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya). Joanne has led focus groups, conducted needs assessments and program evaluation interviews, undertaking data collection and analysis. She has participated in HIV research projects related to medical education, GIPA/MIPA, women and aging, peer support, housing, insomnia. She has a Master’s degree in Community Development from York University (MES), a BA (Honours, Geography, UofA) and a college certificate in fund raising for community agencies.

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