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    CUHRRC Team Biography

    James WatsonJames Watson

    James began his career in the HIV sector in 2006 as a peer research assistant and was hired in 2008 by the Ontario HIV Treatment Network to work as the Coordinator for Community-Based research and Peer Training. In addition to managing large-scale community-based research projects and supporting peer researchers directly James has been integral to the creation of the peer researcher training curriculum and educational modules utilized by Universities Without Walls (universitieswithoutwalls.ca). He is also the host of the monthly online talk show, “What’s Hot with Peer Researchers?” (bit.ly/1sIGx9j). James is a passionate supporter of the GIPA/MIPA principles and believes in research as action and the capacity-building principles of Community-Based research. James is also the Vice President of the Board of Directors and Co-Chair of the GIPA/MIPA Committee at Fife House in Toronto.

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