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    CUHRRC Team Biography

    Colm J BeginColm J Begin, MD, FRCPI, FRCP(Ed)

    Professor Colm Bergin is a Consultant Physician in Infectious Diseases, St James’s Hospital, Dublin and Clinical Professor of Medicine at Trinity College Dublin. He is the Associate Director of the Wellcome-Health Research Board (HRB) Clinical Research Facility, St. James’s Hospital Dublin, the National Specialty Director, Infectious Diseases, Royal College of Physicians Ireland (RCPI) and the Dean of Postgraduate Medical Training, RCPI. Prior appointments have included Clinical Director of the Surgical and Medical Subspecialties Directorate at St. James’s Hospital, Dublin (2006-2012), President of the Infectious Diseases Society of Ireland (IDSI) (2009-2012) and National Programme Lead for OPAT, Health Services Executive, Ireland (2010-2012). Professor Bergin graduated from Trinity College Dublin in 1989 and completed General Medicine and Specialist Training in GU Medicine. Subsequently, Professor Bergin completed a Fellowship in Infectious Diseases at Boston University Hospital (1996-1999) and returned to Dublin in 1999 when he was appointed to his present consultant position in St. James’s Hospital. Professor Bergin is the co-director of the department’s Clinical Studies Unit, the department has an active national and international research reputation. The department provides care for approximately 1800 HIV+ patients with ~500 HIV-HCV co-infected patients. The department cares for ~ 60% of all HIV+ patients in the Irish Republic and ~90% of all pregnancies in HIV positive women.

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