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    CUHRRC Team Biography

    Maxwell MadzikangaMaxwell Madzikanga, MPH

    Maxwell Madzikanga is hard working, strategic and driven by a deep and enduring passion to work for the world’s most vulnerable people particularly people affected by health disparities, humanitarian crisis, emergencies, poverty and HIV/AIDS. His professional training in Political Science, Public Administration, Psychology, Education and Training, International Humanitarian Affairs, Public Health and Epidemiology makes him a suitable candidate for positions that require competencies in strategic development, policy analysis and interpretation as well as in many other fields. His expertise in addressing health disparities, social inequalities, and poverty makes him an ideal candidate for operational, professional or leadership positions requiring multisectoral skills, policy advocacy, designing best-practice informed interventions, operationalizing complex projects and programme scaling-up. He is mission-focused, seasoned, strategic, and a process-minded leader with experience in scaling voluntary sector organizations, leading executive management teams, and developing high performance culture among diverse, and talented individuals. He is able to help others excel and deliver measurable, cost-effective results that make organizational vision a reality. Maxwell has competencies in project management, research design, management, data analysis, monitoring and evaluation, as well as comprehensive interpersonal and communication skills. Over the years, Maxwell has developed and demonstrated leadership, teamwork and ability to effectively solve seemingly intractable programme situations.

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