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    CUHRRC Team Biography

    Ana BritoAna Brito, BSc, MSc, PhD student

    Ana Brito is a Senior Respiratory and Sleep Physiologist at the Diagnostic Centre of Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS London Trust. She is a member of British Sleep Society and the European Society of Sleep Technologists. She has been an Assistant Professor at High College of Health Technology of Coimbra, at Portugal, and has been involved with a few research projects on sleep disturbances. Her research interests are in the area of sleep physiology and pathology, with special interest on the Neurophysiology and Circadian basis of sleep disturbance and sleep disorders. Her clinical experience with sleep disorders in the HIV infected patients raised her research interest on the sleep disturbance experienced for these patients. Ana is starting her PhD Course at Imperial College Faculty of Medicine at London with a research plan focused on the sleep disturbances on HIV infected patients.

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