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    CUHRRC Team Biography

    Harkiran SandhuHarkiran Sandhu, MSc

    Harkiran Sandhu is a third year medical student in Dublin, Ireland. Her passion for social medicine led her to pursue a master's degree in health, community, and development at the London School of Economics, where she researched the psychosocial impact of ethnic gang violence on South Asian youth. She continued on to her current medical education thereafter, inspired to begin a career in primary care. Throughout her medical studies, her interest in HIV/AIDS has only flourished, leading her to hear Dr Kelly O'Brien speak at Trinity College Dublin in the fall of 2014 on her CUHRRC Research and her work in Ireland and Canada. Motivated by her lecture, she sought out the CUHRRC and how she could become involved in this great collaborative. As a future clinician, she hopes to work in the HIV/AIDS community and contribute as best as she can to improving the care, quality of life, and health of people with this condition. She sees involvement with the CUHRRC as a perfect place to start in that goal.

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