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    CIHRRC Research Activities

    CIHRRC is currently pursuing a variety of research activities that address research priorities in HIV and rehabilitation identified by Realize (formerly CWGHR).

    What's New at CIHRRC

    Save the Date! 4th International Forum on HIV and Rehabilitation Research – Translating HIV, Aging and Rehabilitation Interventions into Practice

    CIHRRC in collaboration with Realize (formerly CWGHR) will host the 4th International Forum on HIV and Rehabilitation Research on Saturday June 16, 2018 in Toronto, Ontario.  The Forum will be held in collaboration with Realize’s Annual Forum and 20th Anniversary Celebration.

    The Forum will include a series of dynamic and interactive speakers and research evidence panel sessions focused on the development, implementation and evaluation of interventions to promote healthy aging with HIV.   The Forum will include people living with HIV, researchers, clinicians, and representatives from community organizations who will: 1) facilitate knowledge transfer and exchange (KTE) on HIV and rehabilitation research, clinical practice and service delivery, among people living with HIV, researchers, clinicians on HIV, representatives of community organizations, and policy makers in Canada, the United Kingdom, United States and Ireland; 2) establish new research and clinical partnerships in HIV and aging internationally; and 3) foster mentorship and training in HIV and aging research.

    Click here for the forum poster.

    For more information, please contact Jenita Chrysostoum (CIHRRC Coordinator) at cihrrc@utoronto.ca.

    Posted by Melanie Bisnauth Posted on 2018-01-23

    Where and How does Physical Therapy Fit? Integrating Physical Therapy into Inter-professional HIV Care

    Matthew Andrews, Stephanie Cudd, Heather deBoer, Ellie Leung, and Alana Petrie recently completed a qualitative study that examined the role of physical therapy in HIV care.  The students completed this work under the supervision of Kelly O'Brien (University of Toronto), Soo Chan Carusone (Casey House) in partial fulfillment of their Master of Science in Physical Therapy degree at the University of Toronto.  Results of this work will help to inform the role of physical therapy in Casey’s Houses newly launched Day Health Program for adults living with HIV.  A manuscript is currently under review.  

    Click here - to access the factsheet summary of the study findings.

    Posted by Melanie Bisnauth Posted on 2018-01-23

    CIHRRC Welcomes a New Coordinator

    CIHRRC welcomes Jenita Chrysostoum starting October 2017 in the role of CIHRRC Coordinator!  Jenita can be reached at cihrrc@utoronto.ca or jenita.chrysostoum@utoronto.ca.

    Posted by Melanie Bisnauth Posted on 2018-01-23