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    CIHRRC Research Activities

    CIHRRC is currently pursuing a variety of research activities that address research priorities in HIV and rehabilitation identified by Realize (formerly CWGHR).

    What's New at CIHRRC

    3rd Forum Knowledge Translation and Exchange (KTE) Library Launched

    We are pleased to launch the 3rd Forum Knowledge Translation and Exchange (KTE) Library for broad

    dissemination of research knowledge on HIV and rehabilitation translated at the 3rd International Forum

    on Advancing HIV, Aging and Rehabilitation Research and Practice.

    The 3rd Forum KTE Library contains:

    For more information about the International Forum on HIV and Rehabilitation Research, please contact

    CUHRRC Coordinator, Melanie Bisnauth at melanie.bisnauth@utoronto.ca


    Posted by Melanie Bisnauth Posted on 2016-09-06

    Scoping Studies: Overview and Summary of Resources

    Members of a Canada-United Kingdom (UK) partnership hosted an international two-day meeting titled Advancing the Field of Scoping Study Methodology on June 8-9th, 2015 at the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute, St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Forty-eight researchers, clinicians and knowledge users from Canada, the UK and USA attended this CIHR-funded meeting with the goal to advance the development of methodological quality criteria for conducting and reporting scoping studies in order to enhance knowledge synthesis and translation of health and rehabilitation research. Click here to access the Overview and Summary of Resources and click here to access the Meeting Report.

    Posted by Melanie Bisnauth Posted on 2016-08-03

    CUHRRC at EACS 2015

    CUHRRC is pleased to release 'A Rapporteur Summary of the HIV and Rehabilitation Content presented at the 15th European AIDS Conference hosted by the European AIDS Clinical Society (EACS).' The 15th European AIDS Conference occurred in Barcelona from October 21st-24th, 2015. CUHRRC developed this rapporteur summary to summarize HIV and rehabilitation content presented at EACS 2015 to increase awareness of research in the field. The Rapporteur Summary is organized according to six research priorities in the Framework of Research Priorities in HIV, Disability and Rehabilitation: 1) episodic health and disability; 2) aging with HIV across the lifespan; 3) concurrent health conditions; 4) access to rehabilitation and models of rehabilitation service provision; 5) effectiveness of rehabilitation interventions; and 6) enhancing outcome measurement in HIV and rehabilitation research. The priorities are in no particular order of importance. Specific abstracts are referenced throughout, with a reference list at the end of the summary. To access the Rapporteur Summary on HIV and Rehabilitation Research, please click here.

    Posted by Ayesha Nayar Posted on 2016-04-06