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    CIHRRC Research Activities

    CIHRRC is currently pursuing a variety of research activities that address research priorities in HIV and rehabilitation identified by Realize (formerly CWGHR).

    What's New at CIHRRC

    CUHRRC 2016 Membership Meeting
    A CUHRRC Membership Meeting was held on Thursday January 28th, 2016.The purpose of this meeting was to welcome new CUHRRC members and exchange knowledge and updates on HIV and rehabilitation research. Click here to access Darren Brown’s webinar slides on updates on the HIV and rehabilitation content presented at the EACS Conference in October 2015.
    Posted by Ayesha Nayar Posted on 2016-01-29

    3rd International Forum on HIV and Rehabilitation Research – HIV and Aging

    CUHRRC in collaboration with the Canadian Working Group on HIV and Rehabilitation (CWGHR) and The Canadian Association for HIV Research (CAHR) will host the 3rd International Forum on HIV and Rehabilitation Research – HIV and Aging on Thursday May 12th from 8:30am-5:00pm Friday in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

    The Forum will include a series of dynamic and interactive research evidence panel sessions focused on HIV, aging and multi-morbidity, rehabilitation interventions and models of service delivery.  The Forum will include people living with HIV, researchers, clinicians, and representatives from community organizations from Canada, United Kingdom, and United States who will speak about a) the new and emerging role for rehabilitation in the context of HIV, aging and comorbidities, b) profile innovative models of rehabilitation service delivery, c) highlight concrete strategies for enhancing access to rehabilitation for people aging with HIV, and d) identify new and emerging research priorities in the field. For more details, please click here to view the Program at a Glance and click here to view the Forum Poster.

    For more information, please contact Ayesha Nayar (CUHRRC Coordinator) at cuhrrc@utoronto.ca.

    We will provide more information about registration in the New Year.

    We will also be hosting a Special Session Special Session on HIV, Aging and Rehabilitation at the upcoming Canadian HIV Conference (CAHR) in Winnipeg on Friday May 13th from 12:30-2:00pm.

    Acknowledgements: The 3rd International Forum on HIV and Rehabilitation Research is funded by a Planning and Dissemination Grant from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), Aging Initiative. We also acknowledge support from Three Flying Piglets (filming).

    CIHR logo

    Posted by Ayesha Nayar Posted on 2015-12-15

    The 15th European AIDS Conference-October 21-24, 2015

    The 15th European AIDS Conference (EACS) occurred in Barcelona from October 21st-24th, 2015. Members of CUHRRC, RHIVA, The European AIDS Treatment Group and UK-CAB were involved in an invited special session on HIV and rehabilitation entitled: Living Well When Living Longer: HIV and Rehabilitation on Friday October 23rd. To access the presentation, please click here.

    Posted by Ayesha Nayar Posted on 2015-10-29