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    CIHRRC Research Activities

    CIHRRC is currently pursuing a variety of research activities that address research priorities in HIV and rehabilitation identified by Realize (formerly CWGHR).

    What's New at CIHRRC

    Upcoming Special Session on HIV, Aging and Rehabilitation at the CAHR 2016 Conference (May 2016)

    The Canadian Association for HIV Research (CAHR), CWGHR and CUHRRC were successful at obtaining a CIHR Planning Grant with the Institute for Aging to conduct a Special Session on HIV, Aging and Rehabilitation at the upcoming Canadian HIV Conference (CAHR) in Winnipeg in May 2016 (http://www.cahr-acrv.ca/conference/
    This also provides an opportunity for a 3rd International Forum on HIV and Rehabilitation Research hosted in collaboration with CAHR. Stay tuned for more information to come!

    Posted by Ayesha Nayar Posted on 2015-08-11

    The 15th European AIDS Conference-October 21-24, 2015

    The 15th European AIDS Conference (EACS) will occur in Barcelona from October 21-24, 2015. Members of CUHRRC and RHIVA will be involved in an invited special session on HIV and rehabilitation entitled: Living Well When Living Longer: HIV and Rehabilitation on Friday October 23rd.

    Posted by Ayesha Nayar Posted on 2015-08-10

    CUHRRC Member Richard Harding (UK) and Colleagues Published in The Lancet HIV

    Richard Harding and colleagues recently published an article on their intervention trial entitled ‘Nurse-led Palliative Care for HIV-Positive Patients Taking Antiretroviral Therapy in Kenya: A Randomised Controlled Trial.’
    Richard and his colleagues designed an intervention entitled the Treatment Outcomes in Palliative Care (TOPCare) trial. Authors found that a simple training programme in the principles and practice of palliative care that was delivered to existing HIV outpatient nurses significantly improved quality of life, psychosocial problems, and psychiatric morbidity. Results offer a promising model for health services around the world that will face an
    increasing patient load with such problems. The paper is accessible here: http://www.thelancet.com/journals/lanhiv/article/PIIS2352-3018(15)00111-3/fulltext

    Posted by Ayesha Nayar Posted on 2015-08-10