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    CIHRRC Research Activities

    CIHRRC is currently pursuing a variety of research activities that address research priorities in HIV and rehabilitation identified by Realize (formerly CWGHR).

    What's New at CIHRRC

    Elisse Zack Award for Excellence in HIV and Rehabilitation

    On Monday June 15th, 2015, Kelly O’Brien was presented the Elisse Zack Award for Excellence in HIV and Rehabilitation during a reception following the CWGHR Annual General Forum. To view more information about the award, visit the website: http://www.hivandrehab.ca/en/our-story/awards/

    Posted by Ayesha Nayar Posted on 2015-08-10

    A Call to Identify All Canadians conducting Research on HIV and Rehabilitation/Disability in Sub-Saharan Africa

    Deadline: May 31, 2015

    Who are we looking for?

    We are seeking all Canadian researchers who have conducted research within the last 5 years (i.e. since 2010) in Sub-Saharan Africa on (1) HIV and (2) disability or rehabilitation.

    • By “research”, we mean all forms of research, including monitoring and evaluation activities.
    • By “disability” or “rehabilitation”, we are referring to the World Health Organization’s view of disability as any impairment, activity limitation or participation restriction (WHO, ICF, 2001), and rehabilitation as any activity, programme or process that addresses these forms of disability.

    What are we asking you to do?

    We would like you to provide us with the (1) title, (2) team leads, and (3) research team members for each project that meets the criteria (i.e., HIV and rehabilitation/disability in Sub-Saharan Africa).  You can provide this information in one of three ways:

    Why are we doing this?

    This is the first step in a project that aims to better understand the landscape of HIV and rehabilitation/disability research in Canada and Sub-Saharan Africa. This project will help us explore strengths and gaps in the current approaches to inform a more intentional, harmonized and impactful programme of action between Canada and Sub-Saharan Africa. Depending on the nature of your research, we may be in touch for further information.

    What if I have questions?

    If you have any questions, feel free to email us at hivandrehabinSSAsurvey@gmail.com

    Thank you in advance for considering this request!


    Stephanie Nixon Signature

    Stephanie Nixon
    On behalf of the HIV, Disability and Rehabilitation Research Team:
    Lori Chambers, Margaret Maimbolwa, Tola Mbulaheni, Robin Montgomery, Valérie Pierre-Pierre, Stephen Tattle, Catherine Worthington and Tammy Yates

    Posted by Ayesha Nayar Posted on 2015-04-30

    2nd Forum Knowledge Translation and Exchange (KTE) Library Launched

    We are pleased to launch the 2nd Forum Knowledge Translation and Exchange (KTE) Library for broad

    dissemination of research knowledge on HIV and rehabilitation translated at the 2nd International Forum

    on HIV and Rehabilitation Research

    The 2nd Forum KTE Library contains:

    For more information about the International Forum on HIV and Rehabilitation Research, please contact

    CUHRRC Coordinator, Ayesha Nayar at ayesha.nayar@alum.utoronto.ca

    Posted by Ayesha Nayar Posted on 2015-02-13