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    Research Priorities in HIV and Rehabilitation

    How does CUHRRC define Rehabilitation?

    CUHRRC broadly defines rehabilitation as:

    Any services or activities that address or prevent impairments, activity limitations, and social participation restrictions for people living with HIV [Worthington C, Myers T, O’Brien K, Nixon S, & Cockerill R. (2005). Rehabilitation and HIV/AIDS: Development of an expanded conceptual framework. AIDS Patient Care and STDs, 19, 258-71].

    Examples include: physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, physiatry (rehabilitation medicine), as well as services provided through community-based AIDS service organizations.

    Six Research Priorities in HIV and Rehabilitation

    CUHRRC will pursue a variety of research initiatives that address the six research priorities identified in a scoping study, presented nationally and internationally, and supported by realize (formerly CWGHR) as key HIV rehabilitation issues for persons living with HIV. These priorities will be reviewed and updated regularly as new knowledge and priorities related to HIV and rehabilitation research evolve in Canada and the UK.

    Research Priorities

    O’Brien K, Wilkins A, Zack E, Solomon P (2010). Scoping the Field: Identifying Key Research Priorities in HIV and Rehabilitation. AIDS and Behavior, 14:2, 448-58. DOI 10.1007/s10461-009-9528-z.